Serving Others

We believe that serving others is a huge part of following Jesus. He calles us to serve eachother just like he served us.


Taking the Love of Christ to Anchorage and Beyond


In order to take the love of Christ to Anchorage and beyond we must fisrt have a strong biblical model of what "outreach" really is. Jesus set an amazing example in that He left the walls of the Temple and went seeking the needy, the hungry and the sick! Our solution is to follow His lead every time. 


Visitors Ministry... Our dedicated staff and volunteers desire to personally meet and minister to every visitor that comes into our church family. We would love to pray for you and assist you in any way we can! 

Thanks to the donations of some wonderful people we have recently been able to deliver groceries to families that visit with us! This is a wonderful opportunity to follow the lead of Jesus as He fed those that He loved!


Reaching the needy within our community...


Reaching the needy in our State by...

Please e-mail us at to notify us of any changes in your prayer requests.