Loving God must be at the heart of every follower of Jesus. It is the first step in being a follower of Jesus and we have this core value because we believe loving God is the best thing we can with our life. Loving God is so much more than keeping regulations, following laws or showing up to church. It's about a spirtual journey that means living in complete freedom that is offered to us. 

Do you love God in your life? 



Life can be hard and through it we can have some deep questions and concerns for our lives. We often wonder what our purpose is, what we are here for and why we matter. Jesus came to answer some of our deepest questions and die for us so that we can have eternal life. Jesus gives us hope for the future, a purpose for our lives and a new faith. We believe that accepting Jesus into your heart is the absolute best decision you could ever make with your life. If you're ready to meet Jesus pray this simple prayer:

"Dear Jesus, I admit that I have fallen short. I believe you came to earth and lived, died and rose again so that I could be connected to God. I give you my life Jesus. I make you my lord and savior. I commit my life to you. My past, present and future are yours. Take my life and use it. Amen"

If you just prayed that prayer we would love to talk with you! Just simply click on the contact us form below, then fill out the prayer request from on the next page. Thank you, we are happy for you and we will get back to! We would love for you to join us on Sundays at 11 a.m or on Wednesdays at 6 p.m to discover more about what salvation is the journey after you receive it. Hope to see you there! 

The Best Is Yet To Come!




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